In His Name Wooden Box Full Set



This box is the result of a vision that the Lord gave concerning our first twelve Anointing Oils. It contains the oils in 10ml roll-on bottles and the In His Name Book with detailed explanation of each oil. The box has a high quality glossy finish and is suited for the executive’s desk. It is designed so that when you open it, the names and main meanings of the oils are visible at a quick glance. If you need more detail about each oil, the book can be released from the inside of the box.

Each part of the box carries prophetic meaning –
1. The inside measurements of the box (12cmx12cmx10cm) replicate the dimensions of the Altar of Sacrifice in Ezekiel’s temple (Eze 43). It represents Jesus’ sacrifice for sin. It reminds us that through Him we are made right with God. IN HIS NAME any form of anointing must be done, for then it will this be effective (Jhn 14:13,14). This is while we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice, to do His will (1 Cor 6:19,20).
2. The silver tinted clasp represents Jesus’ redemption and atonement (Gen 17:13 Ex 30:11-16).
3. The number of 12 oils represents God’s stamp of authority and approval (Ex 28:21).
Almond Anointing Oil Mercy of God Anointing Oil Frankincense Anointing Oil Gideon Anointing Oil Esther Anointing Oil Favour of God Anointing Oil Calamus Anointing Oil Pomegranate Anointing Oil Harvest Time Anointing Oil Iron Anointing Oil Priestly Restoration Anointing Oil Kingly Authority Anointing Oil In His Name Book

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