The vision of IT IS TIME Products & Services was formed as a result of God’s calling –

A. To be the fragrance of Christ (2 Cor.2:14, 15). This led to the study of fragrances in the Bible, as well as the effect that fragrances have on us as human beings.

B. To prepare the way for the Lord. John the Baptist (Mark 1:2-4) had to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus as the Son of God to earth. Prophets like Jeremiah and Ezekiel had to also speak or do something to proclaim what God was going to do on earth. This understanding led to the release of Anointing Oils and related Prophetic Word Products which would be an aid in proclaiming and praying for God’s will to be fulfilled.

Marelize Nolan, the founder of IT IS TIME Products & Services is a registered Counselor with a background in Theology, Psychology and Interior Decorating.


Her main passions are to guide others towards the discovery of their God given creative callings through counseling and prophetic word, and to motivate others towards prayer and intercession that will bring about change – through teaching, through prophetic word, and through products as an aid.

Marelize started ministering with fragrances and anointing oils, by initially being an agent for other related ministries. In 2011 she sensed God’s calling to release oils according to prophetic words that He would give for specific seasons. He made her aware of Jeremiah’s vision of the budding almond branch, (Jer.1) that IT IS TIME for the fulfilment of God’s Word in her personal life and for the release of the Almond Anointing Oil as declaration for South Africa and then also for the nations of Africa. She sensed the Lord speaking to her from Gen.28:18 when Jacob had an encounter with the Lord, that he then anointed the place and called it Beth-El, the house of God’s dwelling presence. This was used as inspiration for the logo, that from encounters with the Lord, He would reveal when IT IS TIME.

In our effort to supply a wide range of Anointing Oils, we are agents for Pearle Products and Myrrh Ministries. In our prayer initiatives we support Jericho Walls Prayer Network and Herald Ministry.

Fragrances In The Bible

The mention of aromas or fragrant substances runs like a thread throughout the Bible.
In the first book of Genesis, we read that Noah built an altar to honour God after the ark landed on dry ground. When God smelled the aroma of the offer, He was pleased and then made the first covenant mentioned in the Bible. (Gen.28:20,21)

When God gave Moses the pattern by which the High Priest could reach out to God to pray for the nation, He gave him a recipe of fragrant substances to mix together and to burn as an offer when praying for the nation. (Ex.30:34,35)

God also gave Moses the recipe of a mixture of aromatic oils that had to be mixed with olive oil. When the High Priest was commissioned to fulfil his duties, this oil was to be poured out as anointing oil on the High Priest as a proclamation of the purpose for which God has called him. The furniture in the tabernacle also had to be anointed with this oil as declaration of the specific purpose for which the furniture had to be used. (Ex.30)

In Ps.45 the writer mentions the oil of gladness and then specifies the ingredients of the fragrant oils of myrrh, of aloes and of cassia.

In the New Testament Jesus Christ is described as someone who is carrying a fragrance and that we as His representatives should also carry His fragrance. (2Cor.2:14,15)

In the last book of Revelation a vision of God’s throne room is described where there are golden bowls of incense filled with the prayers of the saints.(Rev.5:8&8:3,4)

So it is clear that fragrances were an integral part in the experience of God in Bible times.